1. All refunds/returns, are to be authorised by a supervisor on duty.
  2. Original purchase receipt of item must be presented to supervisor.
  3. Refunds/Returns are not processed if the reason of return is ‘change of mind’. Please refer to https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/change-mind.
  4. Refunded/Returned items are to be presented to supervisor in original condition unless item is proven to be faulty/damaged.
  5. Refunds/Returns cannot be processed if purchaser was aware of relevant fault/packaging before buying the product.
  6. Due to health regulations to avoid contamination issues; once an item of Fresh Produce/Perishable has left the store, it is impossible to know where the item has been stored or how it has been stored. Therefore no Refund/Return can be processed unless the items is deemed faulty. (conditions apply).